Rose Gold Engagement Ring: Trending Wedding Jewelry

Along with the happiness and celebration, the wedding brings a lot of preparations with it. The most nerve-racking task included in your trousseau shopping list is finding the perfect Wedding Ring. Choose something chic and classy for your special day to exemplify your true love and commitment.

If we talk about Engagement Ring, Rose Gold Engagement Ring is at the Pinnacle of popularity. The most noticeable feature that it complements every skin tone that accentuates the style of the wearer.


Existence of Rose Gold Ring

The concept of Rose gold came into existence during the rule of the Russian Czars and connoted as a romantic jewelry. It is also known as “Russian Gold”. Later in the 1920s, this piece of jewelry was introduced as part of Trinity Band by the French Jeweler named Cartier. This trinity band comprising 3 Band Ring – Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and White Gold. Rose gold was reintroduced again in the 1940s, during WWII, when the government banned platinum.

Benefits of Choosing Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The Rose gold ring has become immensely popular among couples. Why? There are various benefits that can entice a buyer to choose Rose Gold Engagement Ring:

  • Durability – Rose gold rings are more tenacious as compared to yellow and white gold in terms of durability.
  • Affordable – If you are looking for buying premium-quality wedding ring without burning a hole in your pocket, then Rose Gold Engagement ring is a perfect choice.
  • Vintage Look – If you love to wear old style or vintage-inspired piece, then, rose gold ring is meant for you. It can not only add a vibe of classiness and elegance to your style, but make it more expressive.
  • Romantic Appealing – As pink color symbolizes the true love and togetherness, so the pink hue of the rose gold engagement ring is the perfect romantic connotation.
  • Complement Skin Tone – Rose gold jewelry complements every skin tone and looks amazing both on warm and cool skin tones.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Caring & Maintenance

The Rose gold engagement ring requires utmost care and maintenance alike diamond ring. Keep your ring away from hard hits, scratches, and dings because repairing may take a great tool in your pocket.

When it comes to cleaning, you need to be less cautious. Use lukewarm water and gentle soap and rub your ring gently with a soft hand. Followed by this, rinse your ring carefully in clean hot water and thoroughly it with soft cotton cloth.

Now keep your ring open in the air for half an hour to soak the moisture present at the surface of the stone. Finally, store your ring properly in a jewelry box.

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Ring Wraps for Engagement Ring

Looking for the perfect way to accentuate your engagement ring and make it more stylish? Then, Ring Wrap is the answer to your question. In fact, many renowned designers across the US state that “Ring wraps are basically designed to be worn with solitaire rings. They not only embellish your engagement ring but also work as a protective agent.” Therefore, one can use this piece in place of conventional wedding bands.


Without taking much of your time, today Mark Johnson will highlight a few things about Ring Wrap for the engagement ring. This informative piece can definitely help you to acquire the premium-quality of the wrap without going heavy on your pocket.

Wrap Around Engagement Rings

By Mark Johnson

Wrap around engagement rings can take the form of two very different styles. Much falls upon interpretation of the term ‘Wrap around.’ Since the band of any ring literally wraps around the finger, interpretation is usually based upon the setting itself – how this wraps around and holds the diamond in place. In the very simplest claw styles of setting, the fine wire claws can literally twist around the diamond, like hands wrapping around the edge of the stone.

We have referred to such twist style previously, with many alternatives currently available, either by way of four, or six claws most being most prevalent. Here we see ring design R1D002, a modern day classic design – a one part ring style with shoulders flowing into the wrap-around claws securing the diamond around the girdle.

Our next ring style, we will talk briefly about in today’s blog is the bezel setting. The full bezel setting wraps entirely around the diamond, whereas the partial bezel covers the diamond only around part of the diamond. This might be a small section of the circumference, or this can be of greater extent – potentially around the majority of the diamond edge.

Part bezel settings covering a mere half of the diamond usually require an opposing claw to prevent the diamond from coming away from the ring – a necessity in securing the stone within the design. The full bezel setting in contrast to this, provides much greater security for the diamond. Metal is pushed over the outer edge of the stone.

Security is provided with two main advantages – firstly the edge of the diamond is protected from chipping. Although a blow to the edge of the setting may ultimately damage the setting, the diamond is more likely to be unharmed. Secondly, since the diamond is held continuously around the edge of the diamond, exctraction of the diamond (more specifically loss) is less likely. Referenced left, is part bezel style R1D010B with opposing retaining claw.

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